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Bee Hive
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19th century
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
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Detail: carving of beehive above entrance to Lucorum Cafe Bar.. Location: George's Yard, Barnsley Town Centre. Description: A beehive in low relief above the entrance. There are three bees on it and floral scrolls to either side. The letters ' C ' and ' R ' appear on either side of the door at the top of the door columns which are joined by an arch. Commission: In 1856 Joseph Rollinson had a successful boot and shoe shop called 'The Beehive' at 3 & 4 Queen Street. Joseph's son Charles took over the business, which continued to prosper, and in 1872 Charles bought an old linen warehouse in George's Yard from where he could begin to manufacture footwear. He altered the front of the premises the following year and the doorway with the Beehive Motif, Charles' initials and the date were added at this time. Sadly within 6 years, Joseph, Charles and one of Charles' sons, John, had all died. Their family grave is in Barnsley Cemetery. The 'Beehive' business was taken over by Joseph Corker and survived until 1914 when it became a chocolate shop. [1] Comment: George's Yard was redeveloped in 2000 and the Beehive building became a bar called 'Lucorum'. The beehive motif and the original function of this building were used by David Mayne as motifs for his sculptural screen opposite this building. References: [1] Alliott, Gerald J. 'The Vanishing Relics of Barnsley', Wharncliffe Publishing, 1996. p. 102-110
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Public art -- England (South Yorkshire)
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Relief (Sculpture), English