Detail View: SHIMMER: Memorial to Yorkshire Miners' Association Officers

Memorial to Yorkshire Miners' Association Officers
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5.9m high
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20th century
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
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General view of the memorial. Location: On the corner of the lawn outside the National Union of Mineworkers Offices, at the junction of Huddersfield and Victoria Roads, Barnsley. Description: An architectural memorial, square in cross section. The centre part has 4 faces flanked by four columns. There are inscriptions in panels set in the two outward facing facades. The whole is topped by an octagonal tapering column with an ornate fleur de lys at its summit. Inscriptions: On the front panel: "THIS MONUMENT IS ERECTED / BY THE MEMBERS OF THE / YORKSHIRE MINERS' ASSOCIATION / IN MEMORY OF, AND IN RECOGNITION / OF, THE GREAT SERVICES RENDERED / TO THE MINERS OF YORKSHIRE BY / EDWARD COWEY, PRESIDENT / BORN APRIL 9 TH 1839, / DIED DECEMBER 16TH 1903. BENJAMIN PICKARD, M.P. / GENERAL & CORRESPONDING SECRETARY / BORN FEBRUARY 28 TH 1842, / DIED FEBRUARY 3RD 1904. JOHN FRITH / FINANCIAL SECRETARY / BORN JULY 5 TH 1837, / DIED FEBRUARY 17TH 1904. SAMUEL BROADHEAD / TREASURER / BORN SEPTEMBER 16 TH 1818, / DIED DECEMBER 20TH 1897." Below this has been added on the upper stage of the plinth: "TO THE MEMORY OF JOHN NORMANSELL / 1830 - 1875. / GENERAL SECRETARY FROM 1864 TILL HIS DEATH HE WAS MAINLY / RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BUILDING OF THESE HEADQUARTERS." On the panel facing Huddersfield Road: "WILLIAM PARROTT, M.P. / GENERAL & CORRESPONDING SECRETARY / BORN DECEMBER 8 TH 1843, / DIED NOVEMBER 9TH 1905. JOHN DIXON / FINANCIAL SECRETARY / BORN SEPTEMBER 28TH 1850, / DIED DECEMBER 11TH 1914. JOHN WADSWORTH / GENERAL & CORRESPONDING SECRETARY / LATE M.P. HALLAMSHIRE / BORN FEBRUARY 4TH 1850, / DIED JULY 10TH 1921. SAMUEL ROEBUCK, J.P.~O.B.E. / GENERAL SECRETARY / BORN APRIL 17TH 1871, / DIED APRIL 23RD 1924." Commission: Yorkshire Miners' Association. The four officials on the front panel were commemorated at the unveiling of the monument on April 5th, 1905. [1] The other names were added later. References: [1] "Occurances and Events of Interest in Barnsley and District, 1229 - 1922"
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