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Hickleton Ring
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20th century
Thurnscoe, South Yorkshire
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Exterior view: Location: Phoenix Park, Thurnscoe - on the hillside below and to the south side of the compass viewpoint. Description: An oversized ornament from a charm bracelet consisting of an external ring from which hangs a number of objects; a miner's pick, whose handle has been split to show five medals with the names and opening dates of local pits; a safety lamp inside which sits a canary; a domestic flatiron; a horse shoe with another canary sitting on it; a shovel; a miner's snap-tin; the sole of a boot; and a pen knife. Commission: Project overseen by Groundworks; project manager Laura McBride. Comment: The design was inspired by Farrington's similar piece at Huntcliff, above Saltburn, North Yorkshire - see < > for details - which the artist had shown to local community groups in the early stages of this project. The hanging elements in the Saltburn piece are allowed to move and swing. On installation and against the wishes of the artist, it was half sunken in concrete and set horizontally in the ground. In the circumstances the artist decided to withhold their name from this piece as it has been altered against their wishes and departed so radically from the original design. SOme years later this 'health and safety' influenced decision was reviewed and the piece galvanised and installed upright - though still in an altered form as the 'hanging' elements had been welded rigid. The creation of Phoenix Park: Hickleton Main Colliery, which was on this site between 1892 and 1988, was one of the largest collieries in the UK. In the 1930's it employed over 4,000 men and was producing over a million tonnes of coal each year. In January 1998 English Partnerships were involved in plans for reclaiming the land once occupied by Hickleton Colliery. From Summer 1999 Groundworks Dearne Valley acted to oversee the redevelopment of the land in consultation with a number of diiferent groups and sectors of the local community. In 2001 a naming competition was held and the area was subsequently named Phoenix Park. Local community groups consulted with Groundworks Dearne Valley in the development of the Park which includes of number of artworks and projects by the following artists: Hilary CARTMEL , Jason THOMSON and Coralie TURPIN , Richard FARRINGTON , Ailsa MAGNUS and Hamish MARR , Wayne MARKWORT , Lewis MORGAN.
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Richard Farrington. For more information see also < > .
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Dave Ball
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Sculpture -- England (North Yorkshire)
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