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Wharncliffe Woodmoor Mining Memorial
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20th century
Carlton, South Yorkshire
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Opening ceremony (1978) for the memorial - the original pitwheel is (left) now part of a new memorial inaugurated in 2008. Location: Originally (1978) In a field on the Royston Carlton Boundary Walk, near to Spring Lane, Carlton. Royston and Carlton Boundary Walk. Description: Half a pitwheel emerging from the field, the other half is buried beneath ground level. There is a plaque on the ground by the wheel. Commission: To commemorate a mining accident, 6th August 1936, in which 58 men were killed. [1] Harry Dancer, Chairman of Barnsley MBC's Development and Planning Committee, initiated this scheme which was accepted by this committee on 31 August 1978 and cost £950, approved on 29 September 1978. It was part of reclamation of the Wharncliffe Woodmoor Colliery site on which the monument stands. The contractors, Pugh-Lewis, were based in Chesterfield. The memorial was unveiled by Arthur Scargill, then President of the Yorkshire NUM, in the presence of Roy Mason, MP for Barnsley, and Cllr Dancer. [2] Comment: Photograph provided by Archie Sinclair of Barnsley MBC Planning and Transportation Service. Many thanks for permission to display it as part of our public art research. References: [1] Royston and Carlton Boundary Walk leaflet. [2] e-mail dated 7 September 2006 from Archie Sinclair of Barnsley MBC Planning and Transpportation Service
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