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Lundhill Mining Memorial
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21st century
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
steel , coal , waggon
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JOHNSON, Michael
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View from the memorial over the golf course. The capped entrance to the old mine is indicated by a black arrow. It is capped and concrete and surrounded by a circle of trees. Location: On the site of the former pit. Overlooking the site of the original pit, now part of Wombwell Hillies Golf Course, and sited next to the clubhouse. (For access to the Memorial the Club House can be contacted on 01226 754433) Description: A large piece of coal with a cross wedged onto its upper surface - the whole mounted on a coal waggon. Inscriptions: Information in form of sentences randomly set onto the steel cross over the coal: Text includes: COAL WAS MINED 650FT BELOW GROUND / THE INTENSE HEAT IGNITED THE COAL SEAM / FLAMES ROSE 150FT INTO THE AIR / 19 CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14 YEARS DIED / THE KELLETT FAMILY LOST SEVEN SONS / 92 WIDOWS AND 180 ORPHANS WERE LEFT DESTITUTE / THE MINE WAS FLOODED TO EXTINGUISH THE FLAMES / A WIDOW'S ALLOWANCE WAS 6 SHILLINGS A WEEK On the upper surface of the cross are the words: In memory of those who suffered loss / LUNDHILL MINING DISASTER 1857 A plaque attached to waggon states: THIS MEMORIAL COMMEMORATES THE / LUNDHILL COLLIERY DISASTER OF / FEBRUARY 19th 1857. // 189 MEN AND BOYS LOST THEIR LIVES / WHEN FIRE ENGULFED THE MINE. / 18 SURVIVED AND 4 BODIES / WERE NEVER FOUND. // THIS SITE OVERLOOKS / THE FORMER COLLIERY. Commission: Wombwell Heritage Group. Commissioned to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the explosion on 19 February 1857 when 189 men and boys (the youngest aged 10) were killed in Lundhill Pit. The fires from the explosion were only put out by diverting a local stream into the mine and flooding it rendering recovery of the bodies impossible for two months. [1] Michael Johnson worked with three local schools – Kings Oak Primary Learning Centre, Hemingfield Ellis Church of England Primary School and Wombwell High School - and also consulted with local residents, including ex-miners, when designing the memorial. [2] The official unveiling was carried out the Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Margaret Morgan, on 19 February 2007. Comment: The memorial is curiously close to picnic tables outside the club house. Sources: [1] The Star 20 February 2007, p.5 [2] Press Release, Barnsley Metropolitan Council. 15 February 2007.
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JOHNSON, Michael
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