Detail View: SHIMMER: Millennium Canteen

Millennium Canteen
Fish Knife and Fork
Creation Date: 
22 cm long
Image Date: 
20th century
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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SMITH, Keith
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"Knife fabricated and forged in standard silver. Hollow handle constructed from 1.85mm sheet silver. The under side 'V' section made in two mirror pieces hammered into carved hard wood moulds, polished and soldered together. The top of the handle hollowed in a concave metal stake. Top and bottom of the handle filed to fit with chamfer before soldering. Blade forged and tapered from 6mm sheet and fitted to the handle by means of a tongue formed to fit tightly into the open end. Before soldering to the handle, the basic profile of the blade was established and cut to shape. Hand polished with papers, leather and tripoli. Fork forged from 12.5mm bar. Broad and contoured 'fish tail' handle end established first, followed by straight forward forging, including the establishment of the convex form of the back of the handle. Chamfer matching that on the edges of the knife also formed, polished by hand as on knife." The Millennium Canteen was commissioned as part of 700 Years of Sheffield Cutlery celebrations, and is dedicated to Robert The Cutler. This unique collection of cutlery was presented to the City of Sheffield by the Master Cutler, Mr Paul Tear, on November 22nd 1997 at the City Museum, Western Bank, Sheffield. The Millennium Canteen was commissioned by Sheffield City Council and the Association of British Designer Silversmiths. The project was generously supported by The Sheffield Assay Office, Thessco Limited and The National Lottery through the Arts Council of England. The project was conceived by Paul Swales, Public Art Officer for Sheffield City Council. "The commission was designed to promote excellence in design and production, and to give makers an opportunity for experiment and innovation. The ABDS makers rose to this challenge to create work that will stand as exemplars for future generations and demonstrate the creative and technical skill in silverware at the end of the 20th century." 18/03/98 - Paul Swales, Public Art Officer, Sheffield City Council. Howard Fenn, Chairman, Association of British Designer Silversmiths. The Canteen is on display in the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield.
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Millennium Canteen. For more information see < >.
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Alan Booth / Pete Fisher
SMITH, Keith
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Silversmith and designer.
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Association of British Designer Silversmiths
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Design exhibitions
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Cutlery -- England -- Sheffield
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Heritage -- England -- Sheffield
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Cutlery -- Design