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Belgium Refugees War Memorial
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20th century
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
sandstone - Darley Dale , panels of green Cumberland stone
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Upper section of shaft and crucifix. Location: By the side of the Catholic Chapel, City Road Cemetery, Sheffield S2. Description: The memorial is 19 feet high and is a cemetery cross based on "an old French example of the 15th century". [1] The names of those refugees from Belgium who died in Sheffield during the 1st World War are recorded on the green stone panels of the plinth, which has a truncated square cross-section. Inscription: On top of the cross: I″N″R″I * On the plinth: IN MEMORY OF SOLDIERS OF THE BELGIAN ARMY AND OF THE REFUGEES / WHO DIED IN SHEFFIELD DURING THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919 / MAY THEY REST IN PEACE // (NAMES) // 1914-1919 / DURING THE / GERMAN / OCCUPATION / OF BELGIUM IN THE GREAT WAR THREE THOUSAND / REFUGEES CAME TO RESIDE IN SHEFFIELD ... Commission: Public subscription. " the raising of the memorial was the last act of the committee of Sheffielders who had banded together to help the refugees who came to the city, and who not only fed and housed them and educated their children, but sent them back to their homes again." Canon Dolan, Bishop of Sheffield as reported from an address on the occasion of the unveiling of the memorial. [1] Comment: Sadly the Chapel is in a very poor state as are many of the graves in this part of the cemetery. * INRI is the abbreviation for the Latin equivalent of 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews'; this being the inscription Pontius Pilate had affixed to Jesus' cross. References: [1] The Sheffield Daily Independent, Friday 22 July, 1921 report entitled: To Brave Belgium, Sheffield Memorial Tribute to a Gallant Nation.
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