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War memorial and Memorial plant trough to Annie Hall
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20th century
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
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Memorial trough to the left, war memorial in the background. General view. MEMORIAL TROUGH: Location: Near the entrance to Norton Parish Church, Norton Church Road.(A-Z p.111 6F) Description: Stone horse trough, ornately carved with mythical creatures and other decorative details. The trough is no longer has water in it but is instead used as a container for planted flowers. Inscriptions: The inscription on the left hand end of the trough reads; TO THE MEMORY OF / ANNIE HALL / OF NORTON VICARAGE / ERECTED BY / PARISHIONERS & OTHER / FRIENDS. A.D. 1905 Commission: Erected by local parishioners and friends of the deceased. The money was raised by public subscription. This was originally sited at the junction of Blackstock and Hemsworth Roads as a watering place to refresh weary horses after the long haul from the city. It was repositioned near the Chantrey Monument in 1956, when the new traffic island was made. Mrs Hall was greatly concerned for the welfare of all animals and an interesting feature of the horse trough is an additional drinking bowl for dogs. [1] References: [1] Letter from Norton Local History Group WAR MEMORIAL: Location: Entrance to Norton Parish Church, Norton Church Road. Description: A granite cross on a pedestal mounted on two sandstone steps. The surface of the cross is carved with Anglo-Saxon styled scrolls and knotwork. Inscriptions: Inscription reads; TO THE MEMORY OF THE/ OFFICERS AND MEN/ OF THE/ PARISH OF NORTON/ WHO SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES/ IN THE/ GREAT EUROPEAN WAR/ 1914-1919 THIS MEMORIAL WAS ERECTED BY PUBLIC SUBSCRIPTION The names of 24 'Officers' and 'Men' (categorised separately) are also listed on the other three facets of the base of the memorial. A further inscription at the base of the memorial, added in 1999, reads; WE ALSO REMEMBER WITH GRATITUDE THOSE WHO FELL BETWEEN 1989 AND 1945 AND ITS SUBSEQUENT CONFLICTS The makers name: MAILE & Son / EUSTON RD LONDON appears on the side of the upper step. Commission: The money was raised by public subscription. The memorial was built by Maile & Son of London. Unveiling took place on 26th June 1920, by Mrs Isherwood-Bagshawe of Norton Oaks. The memorial was erected by public subscription in memory of the fallen of the 1914-18 war. A further stone was added in 1999 to commemorate those who died in the 1939-45 war and subsequent conflicts. [1] References: [1] Letter from Norton Local History Group
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